Youth Tackle and Flag Football and Cheerleading

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Registration is on a first come, first served basis.

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Tackle Football

Ages 5-14
Program runs late July through October
$100 Registration, $50 Main Fund-Raiser 
and rental of the following equipment:

Helmet, Shoulder Pads, and Rib Guards.

$10 Dri-fit

$60 Personalized jersey (billable at a later date)



Ages 5-14

Program runs late July through October

Competitions into November (optional)

$100 Registration, $50 Main Fundraiser, 

Sideline Cheer, Competition Cheer, and rental of a Cheer Uniform.

Additional Cheer Apparel costs extra:

$50 Personalized hair bow, COVID mask, shell & dri-fit


Touch Football
Ages 5-12
Program runs August through October
$100 Registration $50 Main fundraiser

$10 Dri-Fit T-Shirt



Many of our dedicated coaches are returning from last year. 

If you’re interested in coaching football or cheerleading, please submit your application ASAP!

Applications are available within "Documents" found in the left menu


Included with Registration:  

Cheer uniform (returned by you after season) and bow(s)
- Football helmet, chest protector, shoulder pads (returned by you after season)
Not Included:  
Cheer Apparel (shoes, poncho, jump suit,...)
- Cleates, practice jersey, pants/girdle with pads, cup, mouthguard (MUST be attachable to helmet!)